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MPY 12-megapixel lenses

Computar has brought the “MPY” lens series with 12 megapixel resolution onto the market specifically to work with the SONY Pregius IMX253 and IMX255 image sensors. The 1.1” C-Mount series enables the high image quality of the high-resolution SONY sensors to be fully utilized in machine vision, life science and ITS applications. The Computar MPY series and all other Computar lenses are available through the image processing specialist FRAMOS.

Computar's new MPY series supports pixel sizes of up to 3.45 μm and is available in fixed focal lengths of 8, 12, 16, 25, 35 and 50 mm. By combining a high resolution and a compact design, the lenses can be flexibly integrated into a variety of applications. Applications for industrial image processing, the medical field and traffic monitoring in particular, benefit from the increased precision of these lenses.

“Besides the high quality and precision of the MPY series, Computar has built the smallest 1.1" lens in the 10 megapixel class. This enables simple integration, even in applications with little available space. The MPY series and its 17 mm image circle allows the high image quality and resolution of the SONY Pregius IMX253 and IMX255 sensors to be fully utilized and without vignetting,” says Stephanie Zahner, a lens expert at FRAMOS.

The industry and product experts at FRAMOS are specialists in imaging with have extensive knowledge ranging from sensors to systems, and provide customer support for the best selection of lenses to integrate into a given application. In addition to lenses, FRAMOS also offers a wide range of sensors, cameras, lighting units and accessories as well as development support and technical services. 


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