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Fastcam MC1

Photron has released the new Fastcam MC1, a high-speed camera for production line inspection and process control. The small (35mm cubed) remote head camera delivers 2,000fps at full resolution and up to 10,000fps at reduced resolution. The compact and robust camera housing enables easy installation in difficult-to-reach location, making it suitable for slow motion trouble-shooting on the production line.

The camera can withstand up to 100G in harsh environments. The head connects to a compact processor unit via a shielded seven-meter camera cable, allowing flexible placement of the small imager into confined spaces.

Two memory options for either 2s (1Gb) or 4s (2Gb) of record time at full 2000fps resolution and 8s (1Gb) or 16s (2Gb) at 500fps. Four user-set buttons on the front panel enable users to change their choice of camera parameters with only a display monitor connected to the processor's BNC video-out connector.

For more complicated set ups, Photron's new Fastcam MC-1 is available with an optional remote keypad with a built-in 5-inch LCD via the RS-422 connector. The camera comes with the Photron Fastcam Viewer (PFV) software that can also be used via the supplied Gigabit Ethernet connector for quick and easy remote control and image download.

For machine vision applications, the high-speed remote head camera is conveniently fitted with a C-mount lens adaptor. Power supply is 24V DC, though an AC power supply is provided.


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