EyeVision function for robot hand-eye calibration

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The image processing software EyeVision now allows the user a simple and intuitive hand-eye calibration for robots and handling systems. The extended command set carries out a hand-eye calibration for systems in 2D and 3D with just a few clicks. A RoboCom command is also available, which includes communication with many robot manufacturers, but can also be easily adapted to new robots. Numerous handling systems can also be controlled via this command.

The combination of control, image acquisition in 2D or 3D and automatic adaptation means that the hand-eye calibration for the robot eye can be implemented quickly and precisely.

With the automated absolute accuracy, EVT GmbH introduces a new dimension of automatic gripping. A fully automatic process based on the hand-eye calibration ensures that play and tolerances in the axles are automatically recognized and then corrected by the image evaluation. The automated process in connection with the optical sensor saves the user the manual correction of gripping positions in the work area of ​​the robot.

The correction works with any robot and improves its positioning in the gripping space by automatically correcting the axis and backlash tolerances of the individual joints. With this correction, each handling system, regardless of whether it is a robot or a multi-axis manipulator, can be improved in terms of accuracy within the entire workspace.

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