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EyeSense Presence

The recent invention of EVT Eye Vision Technology GmbH serves to recognize various objects on a conveyor. EyeSense Presence recognizes the objects in any position, without teaching- in!

EyeSense Presence is based on the Time of Flight technology and the evaluation software, which is based on the EyeVision platform. The system can be adapted quickly and easily to different customer requirements. An advantage of EyeSense Presence is it’s cost-effective adaptation!

Concerning the Time of Flight technology the integrated illumination of the camera emit infrared impulses.

The sensor measures the time the light needs to be reflected back from the object. The light source and the image recording are synchronized, in this way the distance can be extracted and calculated from the image data. This technology in combination with the EyeVision software is perfectly suited for images in the fields of factory automation: To optimize production processes, for 3D dimensioning, for scanning and inspection and for bin-picking.

Concerning the EyeSense Presence the customers can select between two versions of the Time of Flight sensor: The EyeSense PresenceBT and the EyeSense PresenceBA.

The EyeSense PresenceBT has got a resolution of 160x120, while the EyeSense PresenceBA provides a resolution of 640x480. The frame rate of the BT-sensor is about 40 Hz, the frame rate of the BA-sensor is 20 Hz. Both sensors differ concerning their range. The EyeSense PresenceBT has got a range of 0,1-3 m, while the EyeSense PresenceBA provides a rage of 0,0-13 m.

The EyeSense Presence contains a quad-core processor, a storage space of 1GB and is based on the Linux operating system.

The evaluation computer is directly contained, which is a great advantage. Furthermore EyeSense Presence has got a variety of interfaces such as USB, Ethernet, RS232, HDMI and digital IO!


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