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EyeVBox V

With 100 x 70 mm base area, EVT offers an embedded-PC in post card size. The compact model – EyeVBox V. - is without fan and is available in protection classes IP65 and IP67. The PC is based on Amlogic S805-SoC processor with four ARM-Cortex-A5 cores. Each core is clocked with 1.5 GHz. The RAM is 1 GB big. Optionally the EyeVBox V. is clocked with 2 GHz and has 2 GB RAM. There are four USB 2.0 ports and Gigabit-Ethernet interfaces. For mass storage a micro-SD card slot is available.

Due to the metal housing, the operation without fan and without connected cables inside, mostly save from damage through vibration and bumps. The fanless EyeVBox V. is due to the good graphical possibilities and the noiseless operation mode suitable as terminal as well as for the mobile operation for measurement technology for industrial automation and other industrial applications.

On customer request the EyeVision image processing software is also encluded in the embedded-PC. This easy-to-handle software, where inspection programs can be created completely without programming skills, with only a few mouse clicks, is especially available for ARM systems. The software also supports cameras from e.g. Basler, IDS, The Imaging Source, Martix Vision, etc. With the interfaces e.g. USB and GigE.

The integration of the EyeVBox V. into the machine is especially easy with the EyeMount mounting system. Also the user can mount the embedded-PC to a conveyor belt or on a stand. Due to the dovetail connection the handling is very simple.

EVT has also developed a housing with integrated lighting and lens. The housing fits all S-Mount Basler and IDS cameras. Surrounding the lens is one of EVTs ring lights from the BrainLight series. The BrainLight is an intelligent light, which can be programmed and controlled with the EyeVision software.


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