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EyeVBox IP

EVT presents the new Embedded Vision box for image processing even under extremely rough environments. Because the EyeVBox IP possesses protection class IP67, which means that the compact processing unit in its full metal housing is not only protected against dust but also completely against contact under voltage. And of course the box is protected against temporary submergence in water.

The noteworthy advantages for an Embedded Vision systems, are in addition to the QuadCore ARM Cortex CPU and the GPU with 500MHz, also the several interfaces such as e.g. GigE, USB 3.0 and USB 2.0. Additionally, also a RS232 interface can be enabled.

The GigE interface can be applied to program the EyeVision software, while the USB 3.0 interface can be used for connecting cameras from e.g. Basler or Allied Vision Technology, etc. The act of connecting any camera is simplified with the IoCap, developed by the EVT Hardware Forge. The IoCap – short for “Image Capture & IO-Board” - allows processors with EMMC, such as the EyeVBox IP, to connect cameras from any maker.

The IoCap can also be applied to Embedded Vision processors such as Odroid, because with the driver written by EVT, any industrial camera can be connected. Therefore is the EyeVBox IP very easy-to-handle for the user, because they to not have to think about a driver – just connect the camera and there you go!

The EyeVBox IP supports the EyeVision image processing software, which with over 100 commands to solve applications such as metrology, measurements on a 3D point cloud, surface recognition, object counting, code reading (bar code, QR, DMC), OCR/OCV, pattern matching, color detection, thermal and hyperspectral imaging and various special solutions, etc.


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