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EyeVision supports Teledyne Dalsa cameras and UR robot control

EyeVision software from EVT now supports Teledyne Dalsa cameras and the Modbus communication protocol, meaning it can directly communicate with Siemens PLC (via Modbus/TCP).

The Genie GigE series and all others by DALSA are now available for the EyeVision software. This offers a much more possibilities for users and enthusiasts of those popular cameras.

In addition EyeVision offers a new feature, where with only one instance several cameras or sensors can be operated at the same time. Computer with more than one cores can therefore operate more than one camera per instance. The cameras can run different inspection programs but only use one EyeVision license. In short: One EyeVision license, several instances and several cameras per instance. And it even does not matter if the cameras have different interfaces (GigE, USB, RS232, etc.), are 2D or 3D cameras, or have color or grey scale sensors.

With this function the user might also consider to use EyeMultiView. It can display up to 16 camera viewers and therefore evaluation images on one screen. With the Multi-Instance support, the EyeMultiView is again en vogue with the EyeVision users.

With that many instances and cameras running at the same time, the display functionality of EyeMultiView makes monitoring easier for the operations manager.

What is more, on one camera runs pattern matching e.g. the error detection on a label and on the second camera the inspection if the package is correctly closed. On the third camera the color inspection and on the fourth one can read the bar code. With the Multi-Instance you only need one license for this. Manifold are the possibilities with EyeVision. And all is possible also with DALSA cameras: the inspection programs can be created with the drag-and-drop function and in the graphical user interface one can switch between the different projects and programs.

EVT has also now added the new EyeSens Robotic to the Smart Vision Sensor System EyeSens. It is possible to control directly an UR Universal Robot robot with the new software add-on with only a few mouse clicks. With the simple EyeSens vision sensors the user can therefore very easily create a complexe pick and place application. And therefore even more application fields can be solved with the compact EyeSens sensors. The robotic add-on in combination with the EyeSens Match allows every user – beginners as well as advanced users – to solve a pick and place application with an UR robot right away.

The support of other robots with the EyeSens Vision Sensors will also be possible in the near future.

The EyeSens Vision Sensors contain the command set based on the EyeVision software. The command set contains among others the KeyMatch (pattern matching) and Blob (object detection) commands. As it is based on EyeVision the programming is carried out via drag-and-drop function. Also the control of the UR robot is carried out with a command, which is displayed in the graphical user interface as an icon. Individual settings can be made in the input mask.

Finally, EyeVision now has a new special Sealant Inspector command for inspecting the height, width, position, volume and cross-section of sealants and adhesive beads. It is possible to define tolerances for all parameters. Therefore an alarm in case of errors can be set as well. The evaluation is carried out directly on the point cloud. The Sealant Inspector is used for this inspection. It can detect the slightest aberrations and evaluates exactly the centre line length, with configurable smoothing of the center line. Convex and concave sealants are automatically extracted from the point cloud. The special command supports open as well as closed sealants and adhesive beads.

This means that the sensor will recognize the end of a sealant, which runs in a circle and the sensor will then stop automatically. It also will stop automatically for open sealants and adhesive beads.

Due to the 3D inspection of the EyeVision and the Sealant Inspector, the adhesive beads and sealants are inspected non-destructive and contact-free. Among other things it detects discontinuity, thickening and position errors and many more flaws on sealants and adhesive application.

Due to the detection of errors the Sealant Inspector helps to avoid claims, as well as to reduce the inspection cycle times and therefore helps to reduces costs.

Also a database can be created and via protocol sent to the control centre. Therefore it is possible to control the production line and error data base of the whole system from one room.

The supported protocols in EyeVision are for example Profinet, Profibus, EtherNET/IP, CAN Bus, PLC-Link, EyeLink as well as Modbus as communication with the control centre. Also a Beckhoff communication will soon be available. So the Industry 4.0 can be applied easily and the company data linked together.

There is also the web server, which is integrated in the EyeVision software. Therefore the user can check and adjust the inspection program on any browser.

And thanks to the Multi-Instance-Function of the EyeVision, the user is now able to run several cameras and 3D sensors from only one EyeVision license.


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