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EVT has introduced the EyeVBox, an image processing solution. Depending on the application, the EyeVBox is equipped with various processors from ATOM to Core i5 class, which draw only low power from the embedded or laptop area. Therefore the systems do not need a fan and can be operated passively cooled. The systems are not only suitable for the cleanroom, but also for rough environments such as areas where the dust and dirt are afflicting the filter or where those particles are seeping into the processor, which can lead to a short circuit and consequently to a loss of production. With the EyeVBox dust and dirt are easy to handle.

All EyeVBox systems are not only equipped with a Windows 7 or optionally a Linux operating system, but also with the EyeVision image processing software.

The systems feature robust standard camera interfaces for either USB, GigE or FireWire. Therefore the user can choose from an extensive camera selection from different camera manufacturers such as The Imaging Source, IDS, Basler, Sony, PointGrey, Smartek et al.



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