BrainLight R ring light

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The BrainLight R is a smart ringlight developed by EVT. This LED illumination is free configurable and has a RS232 connection for industrial usage. With this light any succession of illumination patterns can be created. Additionally the light not only regulates the illumination patterns, but also controls that the camera captures only one image per illumination scene.

There are alos predefined light patterns available and also the possibility to regulate the brightness of the LEDs.

Once programmed patterns, so called „Frames“, can be saved and are the patterns are automatically reloaded after each restart.

The ring light is equipped with a RS232 or TTL UART interface and power supply of +5V or 12-24V.

Additionally the ring light is parted into 8 segments each with 3 LEDs. Each of this segments can be controlled individually and dimmed in its intensity.

The control for the camera is done via strobe and a PlugIn for the EyeVision software makes the illumination completely graphically programmable.