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Premier Electronics has released the improved Eye-R640-V4, utilising 17µm pixels. Packed into a small, lightweight, low-power format, the thermal imaging engine is based on a 640 x 480 pixels ASi microbolometer detector. It is tuned to the long wave infrared band and has a sensitivity of <45mK.

With the advanced, DSP-based platform, the thermal engine incorporates powerful algorithms ensuring high performance in difficult visibility conditions. Its design supports multiple communication protocols and physical interfaces. The engine offers standard video and RS-170 outputs and video techniques such as edge enhancement, local DRC, and time domain filter. Auto focus and continuous zoom further enhance the range of possible applications.

The Eye-R640-V4 supports advanced motorised lenses based on continuous zoom or dual FOV and equipped with automatic focus algorithms. It is perfect for a wide range of applications including security, UAVs, surveillance, fire fighting, industrial process monitoring and quality control.


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