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EyeSec thermal imaging cameras

Premier Electronics has released its EyeSec line of thermal imaging cameras with a powerful fire detection feature. With the fire detection capability enabled, the camera can detect a 75 x 75cm fire as far away as 840 metres within 5 seconds, with detection ranges increasing for larger-sized fires up to 6 x 6m at distances up to 6.5km, day or night.

Setting up a temperature for industrial equipment temperature threshold, the camera again will send an alarm if any object in its field of view reaches this critical temperature; for example, when machinery bearings reach dangerous temperatures.

Once fires are identified, the camera utilises multiple alarm systems, including the transmission of the fire’s X and Y coordinates, to communicate the fire’s position. It reduces false alarms to a minimum by using sophisticated algorithms scrutinising each hotspot in the observed area to ascertain whether there are flames or just simple temperature changes.

The video stream can also be fed to other video analytics to provide people tracking, counting, etc. In both fire detection and fire risk assessment, much attention has been given to operator alerts. Upon determining that a fire or risk exists, the camera adds a visual alarm overlay to the outgoing video signal, and generates an alert using a standard dry contact relay and/or serial or IP communication.

Facilities with flammable materials, transportation tunnels, combustible storage areas, and perimeter sites located near flammable forest and bush would all benefit from this fire detection solution.


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