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EyeSec 15-100mm thermal imaging camera

Premier Electronics has released the EyeSec 15-100mm continuous zoom thermal imaging camera, designed to interface with standard security/CCTV camera systems.

EyeSec is an outdoor security thermal camera for observing and monitoring sensitive sites over long distances. The camera presents a clear and crisp thermal video image in total darkness, light fog or smoke and other difficult viewing conditions ensuring you can still see when standard CCTV cameras cannot work effectively. It provides excellent performance when working with video analytics and video motion detection software.

Based on a highly sensitive uncooled microbolometer engine, EyeSec is available with either 384 x 288 or 640 x 480 pixel versions proving fields of view from 10° wide 3° narrow and 20° wide 7° narrow respectively. The interface controls are either RS485/422 or Pelco D ensuring it will work with existing systems.

The EyeSec offers night and day, civilian and surveillance for sites and locations such as nuclear plants, petrochemical installations, warehouses, national borders, airports, railroads, pipelines, oil terminals, electrical power-plants, communication transmitters and prisons. Different optic types with a range of focal lengths fit virtually any operational need, from long distance narrow to short distance wide field of vision.


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