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EoSens 4Fiber camera

Mikrotron, a global leader in groundbreaking high-speed machine vision systems, is bringing the vast advantages of fiber optic transmission to industrial and scientific imaging with the launch of the Mikrotron EoSens® 4FIBER camera. This fanless high-speed camera delivers 4 Megapixel resolution 2,336 x 1,728 pixels at 563 frames-per-second (fps) over unprecedented distances via its MTP fiber camera-to-computer interface.

The Mikrotron EoSens® 4FIBER camera expands the horizons of inspection systems that have traditionally been limited to copper cable's short lengths -- typically a few feet or less -- to nearly 1000 feet (300 meters). Copper cables are rapidly approaching speed and distance limits due to the laws of physics, leaving fiber as the only alternative for long-distance, high bandwidth imaging applications. When compared to copper cabling, fiber has very low attenuation loss over long distances resulting in virtually no signal strength loss, and it is immune to electromagnetic energy.

Long distance, high throughput transmission length makes the EoSens® 4FIBER ideal for such applications as robot positioning, ballistics and explosives, rail inspection, and recycling sorting, among others. High-speed inspection tasks also benefit from the camera's extremely fast frame rates which can be accelerated by defining up to three independent regions of interest. Frame rates up to 225,000 fps are possible at lower resolution.

Contained within an 80 x 80 x 53mm metal housing, the small form factor EoSens® 4FIBER is simple to install in space-sensitive areas. It features an attractive price to performance ratio with its Alexma® AM41 high-sensitivity CMOS sensor and a full range of performance capabilities including gamma and FPN correction, noise reduction, skipping mode, and sequencer.


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