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The EOS-4000 from Adlink is now available from Stemmer Imaging. The EOS-4000 is an embedded vision system with an Intel Core i5/i7 quad processor and is compatible with PoCL cameras from Stemmer Imaging’s portfolio. It is designed for high speed, high resolution imaging for industrial factory automation and medical imaging applications.

For applications requiring high data bandwidth and zero latency image acquisition, the EOS-4000’s dual PoCL ports provide data transfer up to 2.56GB/s and its pixel clock rates up to 85MHz for high speed capture of large images. The system uses direct memory access to transmit image data directly from the camera to system memory, eliminating CPU loading during image acquisition.

The system supports a two-channel PoCL Camera Link base configuration, reducing cabling requirements and eliminating the need for external power adapters. It provides I/O capability, including trigger and encoder input and two independent RS-232 serial communication ports, reducing host computer loading.


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