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DSX series of opto-digital microscopes

Olympus has launched its family of opto-digital microscopes, the DSX series. Consisting of three models – the DSX100 free-angle wide zoom microscope, the DSX500 high resolution upright microscope and the DSX500i high resolution inverted microscope – Olympus can provide a complete inspection system to meet the needs of applications across R&D and quality control. These include inspection and analysis within the automotive industry, palaeontology, geology, PCB manufacture, fibre structure, micro-channels, metallography and the geometry of small parts.

With no microscope binoculars, the systems are highly ergonomic, allowing samples to be visualised on-screen. Furthermore, the microscopes can be controlled quickly and easily via an intuitive touch-screen interface, or using a more traditional computer mouse.

Image analysis is highly intuitive, with the DSX preview screen facilitating quick and simple selection of the best optical technique, without the need for any time-consuming adjustments. The system will automatically generate a selection of preview images which are shown as thumbnails for each technique, brightfield, darkfield, and differential interference contrast (DIC).

Combining functionality such as HDR (high dynamic range) and WiDER with an advanced optical zoom and dedicated objective lenses, high-resolution images can be obtained easily at the best size for each application. The new zoom optics reduce halation and glare to provide clear images, while the dedicated lenses combine superior optics with sophisticated image processing for precise, accurate and repeatable measurements.


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