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The Piranha tri-linear colour line scan camera from Dalsa is distributed by Firstsight Vision. This new tri-linear camera includes greater line rates and improved sensitivity compared to previous models.

The new sensor eliminates artefacts associated with 3CCD prism cameras by placing a separate row of pixels for each colour on a single sensor die, and reducing the distance between rows. The result is higher quality images at higher speed.

Piranha can be used in off-axis inspection applications for the inspection of free-moving objects, and it can function in non-uniform illumination. The new camera features pigment photoresist technology for the colour filters to prolong the lifetime of the sensor.

With a single power supply and Camera Link interface, the camera can deliver 8 or 12 bits per channel colour at up to 80Megapixels/second.

It is suitable for a host of applications, including print inspection, postal/parcel sorting, high performance document scanning/image lift, food inspection, electronic manufacturing inspection and high-end industrial inspection.


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