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CVC HD cameras

Following on from the launch of its CVC GigE camera range, Stemmer Imaging has released HD models for a wide variety of applications and markets. The CVC cameras combine advanced consumer camcorder technology with an industry standard interface in a compact, feature rich package.

The GigE interface, developed by Stemmer Imaging, brings all the well-established benefits of GigE Vision and Ethernet to the Sony FCB camera series. The latest versions to benefit from the interface are the HD series cameras; the successful FCB-H11 and the recently launched FCB-EH6300.

With a 20x motorised zoom lens and a CMOS sensor resolution of 1,980 x 1,020, the CVC EH6300 HD GE provides exceptional picture quality with high sensitivity. Functions such as auto wide dynamic range, auto day/night mode (infrared cut filter removal), digital noise reduction, motion detection and multicast support make these cameras suitable for a host of applications from security and surveillance to industrial vision. The CVC H11 HD GE camera offers 10x zoom and provides many of the same features in an extremely small package.

All cameras in the CVC GE range are equipped with digital I/Os, status LEDs and an RS232 interface to actuate and control peripheral equipment. Stemmer Imaging’s Common Vision Blox (CVB) camera suite software, supplied with all CVC cameras, allows customers to take full advantage of the performance and reliability of GigE Vision and GenICam technology. It includes everything needed to develop users’ own vision applications quickly and easily and provides sample applications as well as the SDK.

To enable simple system installation and design, all cameras have a PoE option that provides power through the standard RJ45 Ethernet connection.

The new CVC HD cameras complement the existing range of SD cameras already in production that offer zoom ratios from 10x to 36x. Stemmer Imaging will continue to expand the CVC range of cameras during 2012 as a host of new FCB models become available.


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