Teledyne Dalsa Calibir 640 Series

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Stemmer Imaging adds uncooled LWIR camera to portfolio.

The Calibir uncooled Long Wave Infrared (LWIR) modular camera platform from Teledyne DALSA covers wavelengths from 8-14µm and supports a variety of camera interfaces and lenses. The first in the range, the Calibir 640, offers outstanding shutterless imaging performance for a wide range of imaging applications requiring long wave IR detectors in the field of surveillance and monitoring, defense and security, maintenance and general machine vision.

Calibir is an advanced camera platform with a small footprint (29mm X 29mm), featuring low power consumption, shutter-less operation, and dynamic image enhancement. Calibir can be configured with a choice of (LWIR) lenses and output options to satisfy a wide range of applications, including thermal night vision, perimeter and object security, search and rescue, firefighting, and unmanned vehicle applications (e.g. robotics, UAVs).

The Calibir 640 features a 640x480 (VGA) resolution uncooled micobolometer to capture thermal IR images. Uncooled operation means that the camera corrects for any temperature drift to which the detector is exposed and that no expensive external temperature stabilization is required. This high resolution bolometer with small pixel pitch provides high responsivity to detect small remote objects. With its shutterless design, the camera offers rapid image output while delivering uniform response over the entire operating temperature range (-40°C to 60°C).

Shutterless operation and Adaptive Contrast Enhancement both contribute to excellent imaging performance and to the ease of integration and use of the cameras. Adaptive contrast enhancement ensures that most information is always present in the image by automatically adjusting the contrast regardless of the temperature range in the scene.

The Calibir 640 series offers models with analogue or digital output formats. Analogue camera models are available with a BNC or a straight 10-pin connector; digital camera models support GigE Vision output. The analogue versions are particularly useful in defense applications which have an existing analogue infrastructure.

The camera is also available in a ‘Core’ version featuring a 60-pin Samtec connector which is intended for embedded system designs, in particular where the customer is responsible for the overall mechanical design of their devices. This camera core features user configurable parallel or serial digital interfaces, supports 8/14-pixel output and simplified serial commands.

The 11 LWIR lens options provide a horizontal field of view range from 6.2° to 90°. Calibir 640 Series models are sold pre-configured with a lens to ensure optimal response across the entire operating temperature range.