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Manta cameras

Stemmer Imaging is distributing AVT's new Manta GigE Vision cameras. Available in both monochrome and colour variants, there are 5 Megapixel and VGA (0.33 Megapixel) resolution versions of these robust cameras which can be used in industrial inspection and automation, logistics, intelligent traffic solutions and traffic monitoring. Also new for the entire range is the modular concept which includes a Power over Ethernet (PoE) option.

The two cameras boast an impressive set of smart features at extremely competitive prices. The colour versions of the cameras include colour interpolation/colour correction functions.

The 5 Megapixel version features a highly sensitive 2/3-inch Sony ICX655 Super-HAD CCD sensor. The high resolution also makes it suitable for healthcare, medical, scientific and research applications as well as industrial imaging. The 0.33 Megapixel version utilises a 1/2-inch Sony ICX414 sensor with high light sensitivity and which runs at 88fps at full resolution. This versatile camera is also useful for machine vision and semiconductor applications.

All Manta models offer optional housing variations from the AVT modular concept. The highlight of this approach is the new optional PoE version, which will be available for all models in the range. PoE allows the Gigabit Ethernet interface cable to supply the camera with power as well as carrying the image data, removing the need for an additional power supply and cable.

Other options include angled-head versions for mounting the camera into small spaces. A board-level version with no housing and up to 200mm connection between sensor and main board is also available while a white medical design housing is available for scientific and medical applications.


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