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CVB V.10

Firstsight Vision has introduced its parent company Stemmer Imaging's latest version of Common Vision Blox, its hardware independent programming library.

The introduction of CVB CameraSuite and the innovative CVB GigE Vision Server builds on experience gained from Stemmer Imaging's ongoing commitment to the committees of both the GigE Vision and GenICam standards. In addition, CVB now offers full support for the 32-bit version of Windows Vista. Version 10 also complies with Microsoft’s OS design rules for genuine Vista support and features a brand new, highly optimised installation routine. 

The new CVB CameraSuite is a reliable, independent and powerful SDK and is supplied free of charge with all GigE Vision cameras from Firstsight Vision. The key differentiator of CVB CameraSuite is that it is independent of camera manufacturer. This gives developers the freedom to move between Firstsight Vision’s full portfolio of cameras without having to change SDK’s and without paying for a SDK licence. As CVB CameraSuite is code compatible with CVB Image Manager, customers can also migrate to other interfaces such as cameralink, firewire and USB without any redevelopment. Also customers can add imaging tools as required without redevelopment.

The CVB GigE Vision Server brings a brand new approach to GigE Vision by enabling the computer on which it is installed to behave like a complete GigE Vision and GenICam compatible camera, with freely configurable features. The data output by the CVB GigE Vision Server conforms to the GigE Vision and GenICam standards and is therefore compatible with any standards compliant software interfaces from other providers. 

CVB GigE Vision Server opens up completely new areas of opportunity for imaging. At its most basic level, images can be transferred from a hard disk or from any CVB compatible imaging hardware, via a network interface, thus making use of the benefits offered by simplified GigE Vision cabling. In this way, GigE Vision cameras can be simulated alongside any CVB compatible imaging technologies.

Even more complex applications have already been implemented, such as local pre-processing of image data using a GigE Vision Server PC and distributed computing across full MultiCast server solutions. The freely configurable GenICam features found in CVB GigE Vision Server provide customised remote control of both the Server and the acquisition implemented on it. 


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