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New additions to the CamRecord high speed camera series

FirstSight Vision has released two cameras from its Optronis range of CamRecord high speed cameras, together with GigE connectivity and an enhanced camera control package.

The CamRecord 450 is an entry level high speed camera, offering a frame rate of 1000fps at full 800 x 600 pixel resolution. Frame rate can be increased to 2000fps at 400 x 300 pixel resolution.


The CamRecord 5000 is a high-sensitivity high speed camera with a frame rate of 5000fps at full sensor resolution of 512 x 512 pixels. By selecting reduced sensor areas, the frame rate can be increased up to 320,000fps. Both cameras have a maximum memory of 4Gb.


The entire CamRecord camera range is now available with the new GigE Vision interface. This offers twice the download speed of Firewire versions of the cameras and an increased data transmission distance of 100 metres compared to 10 metres for Firewire. A fibre optic Gigabit Ethernet interface is optionally available.


The new CamControl V2.0 control software for the CamRecord cameras has a fresh new look and can now accommodate the Gigabit Ethernet interface. In addition, it now supports the use of multiple cameras with multi camera control and a new ‘sensitivity scroll bar’ allows easy adjustment of the sensitivity of each camera.



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