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Water-cooled line light

Firstsight Vision has introduced a water-cooled 3m line light to its product range. The line light has been manufactured by LED illumination specialist, VCubed, and is a customised version of its VLX2 series of smart, ultra high intensity line lights.

The VLX2 series incorporates the VCubed Smart Design Concept (SDC), which eliminates external controllers and integrates efficient thermal management, current control and communications in a slim-line unit. With integrated current drive electronics, the VLX2 is able to control lighting segments along its length to create illumination profiles for background correction and optimisation.

Managed, closed loop and re-circulating liquid cooling allows the use of higher power LEDs whilst still maintaining LED junction temperatures at levels far below those possible with air cooled units. LED power and lifetime performance specifications can be achieved even at the highest output levels with fast 'warm up' times and consistent intensity.

Powerful on-board intelligence includes detailed diagnostic feedback, detection of LED device failure and advanced strobe timing control, with remote control of all operations and settings available via Ethernet, Serial or USB interfaces.


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