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Corona II LED line light

Chromasens GmbH today expanded its Corona II LED line light family to include a tube light version engineered to provide ultra-intense illumination for line scan cameras when inspecting highly specular reflective materials, such as metallic or glossy objects.

Projecting a thin strip of concentrated LED light in uniformed brightness up to 1,200,000 Lux, the Corona II Tube Light system reduces shadows and unwanted reflections. Because the system maintains optimum light levels, line scan cameras can operate within their full dynamic range. The system also allows for higher tolerances with respect to distance variations. Patented reflection technology assures there is no color aberrations.

In addition to manual control, Chromsens offers an optional external controller (XLC4) for flexibility and improved thermal management. The controller allows brightness to be adjusted via a variety of interfaces including USB, Ethernet, RS232 and RS485. It also lets operation of the tube light in harsh industrial environments. The controller's computer-operated cooling eliminates the possibility of the powerful LED lights overheating with advanced temperature monitoring capabilities and by deploying either water or fan based cooling.


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