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Corona II

Chromasens, a manufacturer of line-scan camera systems for 2D and 3D machine vision applications, has expanded its range of LED illumination products with a new tube light model suited to the inspection of highly specular, glossy items for material defects.

Delivering ultra-high intensity 1,200,000 lux illumination in a narrow, structured beam, the Chromasens Corona II tube light system enables line-scan cameras to view lighting at an angle of 15 degrees. Disruptive reflections, caused by the ‘glancing angle’ where a line-scan camera looks out of the tube light through an opening and into the dark, are completely eliminated. Instead, both the level and reflective surfaces of the object under inspection are brightly contrasted with minimal shadows.

As a result, quality images can be acquired off reflective items such as clear plastic wrap, circuit boards and metallic objects, or curved products like bearings or cylinders.


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