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Corona II LED combined tube light module

Aggressively positioning itself for leadership in the machine vision industry, Chromasens has launched an innovative new LED illumination solution that combines tube light, bright field and dark field techniques into one compact module housing, significantly reducing system costs, complexity and processing times, all without compromising inspection performance.

The new Corona II LED Combined Tube Light Module from Chromasens is the optimal line scan platform for inspecting the widest variety of products, from semiconductors and printed materials, to frozen foods and auto parts. Despite its compact dimensions, the module delivers tube light brightness levels of up to 1.2 MLux with white LEDs, 12,000 cd/m² for bright field, and 800 kLux for dark field by leveraging Chromasen's patented reflector focusing technology. Fan, passive or water cooling options are available to maximize LED service life.

One Module, Multiple Lighting Solutions

Lighting is a pivotal factor in the design of a machine vision system because to create images the system uses reflected light from the object under inspection for analyzing, not the object itself. In more complex applications, a vision system must distinguish different types of flaws, therefore requiring different lighting techniques. For example, dark field illumination is often used to highlight surface defects, scratches or engraving, while bright field illumination is commonly applied to shiny, glossy or mixed reflectivity objects where even but multi-directional light is necessary.

Until now, to perform these complex inspection tasks required manufacturers to employ three expensive illumination modules and three line scan cameras in different inspection stations. System costs, labor, productivity and maintenance all suffered as a result.

The Corona II LED Combined Tube Light Module overcomes these limitations in a single, economical unit using only one camera. To ensure the ideal set up, the module can be set up as either:

  • Tube light / Dark field / Bright field
  • Tube light / Dark field
  • Tube light / Bright field.

In addition, customers can choose from various LED colors including White (5500K or 3500K), Red/Green/Blue, or Infrared (850nm or 940nm).


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