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CompactSec thermal imager

A shutterless version of the CompactSec, low powered thermal imager is now available from Premier Electronics. It is based on a state-of-the-art 384 x 288, uncooled ASi 8-14µm micro bolometer detector with a 25µm pitch. The camera is also available as part of a PZT system.

Shutterless technology allows uncooled IR engines and cameras to operate continuously without the need for a mechanical shutter for NUC (non uniformity correction) operations. By eliminating the need for a shutter, these engines are constantly open, experiencing no image freezes, critical to applications such situational awareness.

Shutterless engines are also smaller and lighter than conventional engines, operate silently, have a faster start up time, consume less power, possess a lower current draw, and have better MTBF.

The CompacSec is tuned to long wave infrared, 8-14μm, with less than 0.060°C sensitivity. The unit is available with or without NUC shutter or as an open frame camera. It includes powerful proprietary algorithms that have been proven effective in poor visibility conditions ensuring good visuals in the most testing situations.

The built-in anti-blooming system prevents image flare. Electronic zoom of x2 and x4 enables close up images of areas of interest; users can define the ROI. A high-resolution graphics overlay enables the user to add features to the screen display.

The imager can store up to 50 snapshot images for further analysis at a later time. The camera offers standard video outputs but can be supplied with a digital interface via the USB or LVDS interfaces. An optional remote focus and field of view can be controlled via the communications interface.

The CompactSec is an ideal security solution for surveillance and protection of national borders, airport perimeters and other sensitive sites. In the industrial and safety markets, the infrared thermal engine can be integrated into predictive maintenance applications and fire detection systems. Thermal camera integrators will find the CompactSec the perfect solution when space, weight and power are the critical factors.


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