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Arbel thermal imager

The Arbel thermal imager from Premier Electronics offers a dual field of view, which provides its operators with best situational awareness in a variety of defence and security applications. By utilising the Eye-R25 engine it can detect a man-sized target 3.5km away.

The Arbel is equipped to deal with harsh weather and environmental conditions, including rain, direct sunlight, high humidity and dust. The module is encased in a metal enclosure and designed to be vibration and shock resistant. The high-sensitivity, long wave thermal imaging sensor detects targets in total darkness and through dust and smoke. It has dual field of view compact optics to obtain fast situational awareness. The Arbel can be used as a standalone camera and/or as an OEM sensor to be integrated in the customer’s surveillance or weapon sight systems, suitable for rugged field conditions. The unit works in temperatures from –30°C to 60°C and can be powered from 9V to 28V. The camera can be fixed, mounted or integrated into a pan and tilt device, as well as weapon sight applications.


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