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Golan thermal imager

Premier Electronics has released Golan, a rugged thermal imager with a high sensitivity uncooled microbolometer in 640 x 480 format 17µm detector pitch. It is available with a powerful 70-220mm dual field of view or a continuous zoom 25-225mm that provides operators with excellent situational awareness in a variety of defence and security applications.

Advanced features provide this imager with great flexibility and versatility. Automatic focus ensures a high quality video, which can be CCIR or RS170. Electronic continuous zoom from 0.9 to x12 is available combined with control of polarity, NUC, image flip, manual gain and level. Input voltage is 24V +/- 8V meeting MIL-STD 1275. Command and control is via RS422 or RS232 with Pelco D as an option. The casing is to IP67 ensuring the camera withstands the harshest weather and environmental conditions.

Golan can detect a man-size target almost 6km away and will provide users with the flexibility to deal with both security and defence applications.


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