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Cobot 3D measuring system

Alicona have launched a portable compact cobot 3D measuring system for multipurpose use.

Based on a collaborative robot with an Alicona R25 sensor head the system can be used for the measurement of surface finish, edge break, valve seats and edge radii on a wide range of products, especially on large objects or for entry into machining centres.

Being portable the system can be moved to a position to measure large components, such as engine housings, disks, blisks in the Aircraft Industry and cylinder heads and engine blocks in the Automotive Industries. It can also be used for cutting tool measurement for wear studies and edge condition. The system can be used manually or programmed to do defined automatic measurements

Measurement capabilities (depending on optical magnification) include height steps down to 20nm, height range up to 16mm, Ra values down to 0,08µm, software is included for surface finish and profilometry.


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