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3D focus-variation measuring instrument µCMM

Alicona presented at the Control show in Stuggart, its latest optical 3D Focus-Variation measuring instrument µCMM.

This new development from this Innovative company, who developed the FocusVariation technique, moves the company squarely and firmly into production.  Alicona state that This system sets a new benchmark in production measurement techniques".

The newly developed µCMM is the only purely optical micro-coordinate 3D measuring system available and provides high levels of accuracy not available on multi-sensor machines. Users benefit from all the advantages of tactile coordinate measuring technology with optical surface measurement to measure dimensions, position, shape and surface finish of components with just the one optical sensor.

When supplied with GD&T software the µCMM offers high geometric accuracy of a number of 3D features in relation to each other. This provides the ability to measure small surface features with sub micron accuracy in a very short time. In addition to geometric position users are able to measure surface finish in the same measurement cycle providing improved productivity.

The spectrum of measurable surfaces includes all common industrial materials and composites such as plastic, PCD, CFRP, ceramics, chrome, silicon and so on, including matt and polished, reflective components. The simple operation is implemented by single-button solutions built into a specailly designed hand held remote controller. This provides automated measuring sequences and allows measurements to be taught in via the built in Automation Manager. The XY stage is mounted on Air-bearing axles with linear drives that enable wear-free use and high-precision, rapid measurement. This makes µCMM ideal for permanent use in production.

Flexible, expandable and automatable

µCMM is designed for easy, flexible, and expandable use by multiple operators. This is implemented by a series of options that extend the application range of the optical CMM and maximize fields of use in production measurement technology. The motorized "Real3D Rotation Unit", for example, turns the 3-axis system into a 5-axis system and enables users to measure components from several, arbitrary perspectives. This allows contactless measurement of surface features such as flank angle, chamfer angle, thread pitch or undercuts.

The automation of measurement series is implemented by the "AutomationManager" automation interface. Thus µCMM offers the fully automatic measurement and evaluation of surface roughness parameters and GD&T features. An administrator defines the corresponding measuring programs, which are started by an production operator at the push of a button. The programs to be measured are selected via drop-down menu or barcode scanner. The measurement result is then completely operator-independent. µCMM is also ready to be used based on integrated production concepts following modern manufacturing concepts. In Industry 4.0 or Smart Manufacturing, machines, production systems and measuring instruments connect and communicate with each other to enable adaptive and self controlling production.

µCMM can be used to measure Dimensions, Position, shape and surface finish in many application areas. Due to it’s 3D modelling capability the application areas are wide ranging.

Any market segment  that use common materials and composites such as metals, plastic, PCD, CFRP, ceramics, chrome, silicon and so on, including matt and polished, reflective components can benefit from µCMM.


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