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Luminaire brightness distribution paramateriser

Aido has developed a system for parameterising brightness distribution from luminaires, comprising a colour camera, a robotic axis with vertical movemement, a diffuser plane and a conventional PC.

Luminaires are placed upwards on the structure base and illuminate the diffuser plane placed between the luminaire and the camera. The camera captures the light distribution from the diffuser surface. Two different analyses can be carried out. On the one hand, two-dimensional brightness maps can be computed. On the other, the variation of the brightness intensity can be measured for a fixed 2D point varying the light working distance, moving the camera up and down along the robotic axis.

As regards the system calibration, wavelength and power of the lights, as well as the shutter and gain of the camera have been considered. Experimental results show that the system gathers an acceptable trade-off among the accuracy of measurements, simplicity and cost.


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