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Cheetah CMOS camera and Puma Day/Night camera

Imperx, Inc. a designer and manufacturer of industrial cameras and frame grabbers, is excited to announce an expansion of their existing Cheetah CMOS camera line. The recent addition to Cheetah cameras includes OnSemi's Python series sensors ranging up to 25 Megapixels. The latest sensors feature substantially less fixed pattern noise, better dynamic range and better sensitivity than Vita series image sensors.

The Cheetah series cameras provide many programmable features and pre-processing to assist in any imaging application. In certain Cheetah models wide dynamic range can be activated to provide >100db dynamic range. Without vertical smear or blooming characteristics, the Cheetah is perfect for outdoor or uncontrolled lighting environments.

Imperx has also launched the Puma 2MP High Definition (1080P) Day/Night camera based up on the On-Semiconductor KAE-02150 Extreme CCD.

The Imperx PUMA combines ON Semiconductor's industry-leading Interline Transfer (IT) CCD pixel design with a newly developed electron multiplication (EM) output structure, the new technology enables image sensor solutions that deliver sub-electron noise performance with CCD-class image quality and uniformity for exceptional low-light imaging. This new technology, can capture 1080p (1920 x 1080) video in scenes with widely varying lighting conditions, from sunlight to starlight and from highlights to shadows, thereby greatly extending the imaging capability of a single camera imaging system. This is particularly useful for light-starved applications such as surveillance, defense/military, scientific and medical imaging and intelligent transportation systems.

In addition, to the incredible sensor performance, the camera has many image enhancement, pre-processing features with programmable and automatic settings. Like all of Imperx designs, the Puma series is ruggedized and designed to MIL SPEC 810F specifications with -40C to +70C temperature range.


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