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The Lynx family of Gigabit Ethernet cameras from Imperx are now fully compliant with the GenICam and GigE Vision interface standards. The GigE Vision compatibility allows the cameras to connect seamlessly with a wide variety of image processing hardware and software over the network while the GenICam compatibility ensures that those systems can fully access the unique features of the Lynx camera family.

Imperx’s GigE cameras are available in either monochrome or colour configurations, offering 8-, 10-, or 12-bit pixel data under software configuration control. Electronic shutter control offers features such as pre-exposure and double exposure, with exposure time as small as 1/12000 of a second to as long as 10 seconds. The shutters can be triggered under software control or use external trigger signals in addition to providing programmed exposure times. Automatic iris control is optionally available. Users can also control the image output, resolution, frame rate, analogue or digital sensor gain and offset, and image area-of-interest using an intuitive graphical user interface or simple ASCII commands. In addition, the cameras provide defective-pixel mapping and built-in gamma correction, also allowing users to define their own look-up tables (LUT). Compliance to the standards ensures that these advanced features are readily accessible to designers.

Software support includes Windows and Linux drivers, development kits for C++ and Visual Basic, and support for a variety of instrument control packages, including LabView, MIL, Image Pro, Halcon, and Video Savant. Software tools for data acquisition and display, camera configuration, and triggering waveform generation are built in. For command and data communications, the cameras are available with an RS-232 port and either a CameraLink or a Gigabit Ethernet connection. The Ethernet connection allows network-controlled installations using the Internet Protocol (IP).


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