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Camera range

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Camera manufacturer Gevicam has introduced several models to its camera line-up. The GP-2400 (NIR) has an active resolution of 768 x 490 running at 84fps. It incorporates a Sony ICX428 NIR sensitive interlace format CCD sensor and is the first 1/2-inch interlace format camera featuring a GigE interface.

GP-4360 (ExView) is a 1/4-inch progressive scan camera featuring a GigE interface with an active resolution of 656 x 494 and running at 100fps. The model incorporates a Sony ICX618 NIR sensitive progressive scan CCD sensor.

GP-182000 has an active resolution of 1,628 x 1,236 operating at 17fps. The camera is a 1/1.8-inch progressive scan camera featuring a GigE interface and incorporates a Sony ICX274 progressive scan CCD sensor.

GP-21400 (30fps version) features a Sony ICX205 progressive scan CCD sensor, an active resolution of 1,392 x 1,040 and operates at 30fps. The GP-21400 is a 1/2-inch progressive scan camera featuring a GigE interface.

GD-3400 has an active resolution of 648 x 480 running at 270fps. The camera is a 1/3-inch progressive scan camera with the fastest frame rate among CCD cameras featuring a GigE interface. The GD-3400 incorporates a Kodak KAI-340D progressive scan CCD sensor.

All of the above cameras also feature Gevicam's low noise design, deliver superior image performance in a compact 34 x 34 x 68mm package size, and include advanced features associated with Gevicam including 12-bit, 10-bit, or 8-bit selectable digital output, dynamic channel balance, ROI (Region of Interest), RS-485, audio codec, temperature sensor, and an industrial RJ-45 connector for a secure and reliable connection.

Also available is the MTVS (V1KU) camera model. With an active resolution of 752 x 480 running at 60fps, the camera manufactured by General Vision is a 1/3-inch progressive scan camera featuring neural network technology with USB interface. The MTVS (V1KU) incorporates a Cognimen CM1K neural network chip and Micron MT9V022 progressive scan CMOS sensor.