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C4 camera series

Automation Technology has introduced the C4 camera series, which features a fast, high-resolution 3D sensor. The cameras have a resolution of 1280 x 1024 pixels and deliver more than 104 million 3D-points per second with a profile frequency of up to 73KHz.

The integrated C4 processors detect the height-profile of the measured surface with a sub-pixel precision of up to 1/64 of a pixel without losing speed. One innovation compared to previous models of the C3 series is the smart camera architecture with an image-storage capacity of up to 1GB. The light-sensitivity of the C4-1280 has also been improved.

The data-exchange is based on a Gigabit-Ethernet interface and complies with the GigE-Vision standard. The use of this standard reduces integration efforts by the user considerably. The plug-and-play set-up of the camera is done in a very fast and simple way through the GenICam protocol. Automation Technology also offers C4 technology as a compact sensor with integrated line-laser. These compact sensors are adaptable to customer requirements and have through an extended depth of field.


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