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C-140 MCL/C-200 MCL

Firstsight Vision now offers four new digital progressive scan CCD cameras from JAI, offering nearly twice the frame rate compared to many models on the market, yet maintaining full resolution and high image quality. The C-140 MCL and C-200 MCL are available in monochrome and single chip colour versions.

The new cameras are digital Mini Camera Link (Mini-CL) versions of JAI’s popular analogue CV-A1 and CV-A2 cameras, used extensively in machine vision applications. The Mini-CL interface standard enables the compact camera housing to be maintained at the same size as the CV-A1 and CV-A2 cameras, ensuring the new range can be used as direct replacements for existing customers wishing to upgrade to digital interfacing. The Camera Link interface now also supports PoCL (Power over Camera Link), so that there is no need for a separate power supply and only a single camera connector is required.

The new cameras are suitable for a range of vision applications including automotive inspection, pharmaceutical inspection, food and beverage production and inspection of electronic components. The cameras feature an auto-iris function, which makes them ideally suited to outdoor applications, as they can cope with a wide range of light levels.

The CM-140 MCL/CB-140 MCL cameras have 1,380 x 1,040 pixel resolution (1/2-inch SXGA) and operate at a maximum 31fps, while the CM-200 MCL/CB-200 MCL have 1,620 x 1,236 pixel resolution (1/1.8-inch UXGA) and operate at a maximum 25fps at full resolution. Binning on the monochrome versions and partial scanning allows even higher frame rates to be achieved with lower vertical resolution.


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