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Beamage 3.0

Laser Lines now supplies Gentec EO's Beamage 3.0, a USB 3.0 camera dedicated to laser beam profiling.

This CMOS-based camera comes with completely redesigned software that features an intuitive user interface and powerful data analysis tools.

The USB 3.0 interface of the camera features a data transfer rate up to 10 times faster than any USB 2.0 system. This allows for much faster data transfer rates, up to 10fps at 1 megapixel. USB 3.0 also features an improved communication architecture that reduces both data transmission latency and power consumption.

The company says that, thanks to its combination of high pixel density (2.2 megapixel) and large sensor size (11.3 x 6.0mm), the Beamage 3.0 has the double advantage of accurately characterising both very small beams of only a few tens of microns to larger beams of several millimetres in width, thus effectively covering most of the applications in one device.


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