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Basler to exhibit at Embedded World, Analytica and Automatica

After last year's virtual trade show, Basler welcomes customers and interested parties live again, for embedded image processing solutions in June at embedded world 2022.

Various examples of embedded vision applications will be showcased. For example, a live demonstration presents a complete Basler Edge AI Vision solution in the area of AOI (Automated Optical Inspection). Another approach for anomaly detection reliably finds defective areas using cloud services. In a classification task, artificial intelligence and imaging are used to classify bacterial samples. A case study in 3D imaging for circuit board inspection rounds out the trade show presentation: using fringe light projection and a self-developed algorithm, a 3D height image is created that is suitable, among other things, for those applications that require hardware-accelerated image preprocessing.

The product highlight is the in-house-developed Embedded Vision Processing Board, which is optimized for flexible use in vision applications. It includes various interfaces for image processing and thus allows the connection of different camera types. The development kit benefits from a flexible SoM and carrier board approach based on the i.MX 8M Plus SoC from NXP ® and can be used not only for prototyping but also in volume production due to its industrial grade design. Developers can thus arrive at ready-to-use vision solutions in a very fast way.

The application areas of the Embedded Processing Kit are extremely diverse and are located wherever fast time-to-market and price sensitivity are required. This means that it can be used in everything from factory automation, logistics and retail to applications in robotics, smart cities and smart agriculture.

After a long break, the Basler team is pleased to be back in person to explore solutions from camera sensor to finished system. The Basler booth is located in Hall 2, Booth 2-550.


Basler AG will present its portfolio for Medical & Life Sciences at analytica 2022 in Munich from June 21 - 24. Under the motto "Let's Realize Your Vision", the company will present its current product lines and comprehensive computer vision solutions for the medical & life sciences market.

As a product highlight, Basler will show the MED ace camera series with its recently optimized MED Feature Set Dust Protection+, which ensures an enhanced level of cleanliness. In applications such as microscopy, dust or other particles can cause interference in the beam path. The Dust Protection+ feature set ensures optimal image quality through improved cleanliness. Basler rounds out its product portfolio with the ace 2, dart, boost, blaze, and 3D stereo camera lines as well as coordinated components such as lenses and processing hardware.

Several practical examples demonstrate the advantage of Basler products in Medical & Life Sciences applications. One demo illustrates an automated microscopic examination of urine sediment using a neural network designed for this purpose and running on an Edge Device. With its computer vision expertise, Basler matches the right hardware and software components with individual customer requirements and offers customized complete solutions from a single source.

In a light microscopy setup, Basler presents how brilliant images can be generated ad hoc with cameras from the MED ace product line using the specially developed MED Feature Sets Brilliant Image and Perfect Color, which are integrated directly into the camera's FPGA.

Marcus Birkenfeld, Global Business Leader Medical & Life Sciences at Basler AG, emphasizes: "For us, communication with our customers is extremely important. After many trade shows were canceled in recent years, we look forward to presenting innovative products and solutions to our customers in personal exchanges."

Basler at analytica 2022: Hall A3, Booth 408.


At automatica 2022 in Munich, Basler AG will demonstrate how its vision solutions are driving digitalization in automation and robotics. Artificial intelligence and embedded vision play a central role in this.

Basler AG underlines its solution competence in factory automation and logistics with practical demonstrations at the booth. For example, the company will show a wafer inspection system developed in cooperation with NXP® . At the booth, visitors can simulate defects on a wafer, which are then detected by a vision system using AI and deep learning. In another demonstration, Basler will illustrate its expertise in image-guided robotics in a 3D pick-and-place setup. Stereo and time-of-flight technology are used simultaneously, representing Basler's comprehensive portfolio for robotics. Visitors can also look forward to a product highlight based on the ace 2 camera platform, which will be presented for the first time at the show.

Overall, the company offers a broad computer vision portfolio that covers a full-range a vision system from cameras, light systems, lenses, cables and frame grabbers, to the proven pylon software.

Holger Singpiel, Head of Product Market Management at Basler, is looking forward to the trade show appearance in Munich: "After the many trade show cancellations in recent years, we can hardly wait to finally show our products directly at the booth again. We want to engage in dialogue, learn about our customers' challenges and discuss our Computer Vision solutions with them."

Basler at automatica 2022: Hall B5, Booth 309.

Medical and life sciences

Basler now also provides computer vision solutions for the Medical & Life Sciences field. Engaging with the customer to understand the individual requirements is a key element in the solution.

Basler develops a concept on this basis and then provides a complete, cost-optimized system. Components from the entire Basler portfolio are available to use in the system:

  • Cameras with different sensors, resolutions, frame rates, interfaces and lens mounts
  • Lenses with S-, C- and F-mounts, for different sensor formats and with all common focal lengths
  • Processing hardware based on the technologies of leading providers such as NVIDIA® and NXP® as well as frame grabber solutions as a standard or custom design
  • Devices for communication / connectivity with different industrial interface standards or IoT-based with cloud connectivity
  • Peripherals with trigger boards, lighting, hubs and switches
  • Software with driver, system and (AI-based) application software

As part of the contract development, Basler selects the appropriate individual components consistent with the customer requirements and in a constant dialogue with the customer. Knowledge of the entire imaging pipeline guarantees an efficient consulting and development process leading all the way to series production and long-term lifecycle management of the customer’s system.

“Above all, our customers benefit from the precise interaction of image capture, processing and analysis. We have already successfully implemented this combination in numerous projects for a wide range of customers,” explains Marcus Birkenfeld, Global Business Leader Medical & Life Sciences at Basler AG. “Our wealth of experience is highly diversified. It ranges from automated lab diagnostics via artificial intelligence and contactless patient positioning in computer tomography to applications in ophthalmology, for which Basler has developed and implemented complete customized vision systems. In each new project, our customers benefit from our previous experiences, which makes us the ideal partner for vision-based development projects.”

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