25MP-CXP and 12MP-CXP cameras

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ISVI has introduced the 25 megapixel, 72fps and 12 megapixel, 175fps quad-channel CoaXPress cameras.

CoaXPress combines the simplicity of coaxial cable with high speed serial data technology. ISVI pioneered the design and development of the 'World’s First' Quad Channel CoaXPress Camera. Each channel of ISVI’s quad-channel cameras can transmit up to 6.25Gb/s for a maximum data transfer rate of 25Gb/s. The camera speed is scalable from CXP-1 at 1.25Gb/s to CXP-6 at 25Gb/s. With lower speed, CXP-1 applications, one frame grabber will support up to four CXP cameras. ISVI’s CXP cameras are supported by Matrox Radient CXP, Bitflow Carbon CXP, and Active Silicon FireBird CXP frame grabbers.

ISVI has also introduced a 29 megapixel, 5fps CCD Camera Link Base model for OLED and LCD inspection and other extremely low light level applications. The 29MP-CCD and the 12MP-CXP cameras will be available in monochrome or colour, and 8-bit, 10-bit, 12-bit, and Raw Bayer. The 25MP-CXP camera will be available in monochrome or colour, 8-bit and 10bit.

All cameras provide advanced image processing features such as auto or manual white balance, Gama setting, low noise and high dynamic range. The cameras also have industrial grade features to maximise performance in machine vision environments, including precise sensor alignment, a built-in temperature sensor, and rugged construction tested to withstand extensive shock and vibration.