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High-resolution cameras

Industrial Sensor Vision International (ISVI), a specialist in camera technology for automation, high-speed inspection, and PCB and wafer inspection, has introduced three high-resolution, fast cameras.

Each is available in colour and monochrome versions and each provides global shutter, 8 bits per pixel video output and 3.3V/lux.s sensitivity, along with a Camera Link interface.

The 25 Megapixel (5,056 x 5,056 pixels) version provides 27fps from a 1.26-inch CMOS sensor; the 20 Megapixel version (4,480 x 4,480 pixel resolution) gives 34fps from a 1.12-inch, CMOS sensor; and the 15 Megapixel (3,904 x 3,904 pixel resolution) camera features a 0.98-inch CMOS sensor and a frame rate of 45fps.


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