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ISVI Corp., a global leader in high-speed, high-resolution camera technology, announces the release of the IC-C18N-CXP and IC-C18R-CXP, 18MP color CMOS cameras with a single CoaXPress CXP6, DIN-1 interface. Delivering 24fps at a resolution of 4912 x 3684 pixels in 8-bit raw BayerGR format.

By combining the outstanding dynamic range characteristics (65.8dB) of the On-Semiconductor AR1820HS color sensor with a single CoaXPress interface, these cameras provide users with an extremely cost effective high-resolution solution for many single and multi-camera application areas such as 2D/3D metrology, AOI and SPI, 3D digitizing systems, wire bond inspection, LED/OLED inspection, robot vision, digital gel imaging systems and digital pathology.

The IC-C18N-CXP is a standard housed version with C-mount and additional power and I/O connectors, while the IC-C18R-CXP is a remote-head version with CS-mount consisting of the imager head, base unit and only a single DIN CXP connector. The standard cable length of the remote-head version from head to base is 20cm but custom lengths are available upon request.

Due to the high dynamic range and low readout noise of the electronic rolling shutter sensor, the cameras deliver outstanding color accuracy and sensitivity. The single CoaXPress output makes a single cable solution a reality with image data transfer, communication, triggering and power being delivered over a single coaxial cable connection to the frame grabber.

“The new IC-C18N-CXP and IC-C18R-CXP cameras open up a whole new world of possibilities for high-resolution, multiple-camera applications”, says Gerard White, Vice President of ISVI. “Users have the opportunity, at a very low cost, to easily and accurately synchronize multiple high-resolution cameras using a single CoaXPress 2-, 4- or 8-link framegrabber for high-accuracy applications like 3D AOI, 3D Metrology and Robot Vision. And with the remote-head version, cameras can be placed very close together or in tight locations as required. On the other hand, with the advent of single-link CoaXPress framegrabbers, OEMs requiring only one camera for their imaging devices now have a high-resolution choice to build a very economical high-end imaging system.”


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