10GigE range

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Framos has launched a range of nine 10GigE camera models from the Canadian manufacturer Emergent Vision Technologies. The cameras offer high speed performance including 338fps at 2 megapixel and 87fps at 12 megapixel resolution.

The camera series is based on global shutter CMOS sensors. They have a resolution of 2, 4 or 12 Megapixels in monochrome and colour variants and with enhanced NIR sensitivity. They deliver respectively 338, 179 and 87fps at full resolution, but the image rate can be further increased by restricting the region of interest.

The input/output interface is universal and has trigger functions, on-board image processing on the FPGA, SFP+ data output, C-mount or F-mount and rugged enclosure to meet the requirements of industrial image-processing systems.

In terms of software, the cameras' SDK and Windows and Linux drivers provide support of GigE Vision and GenICam making it possible to change from GigE to 10GigE. For the hardware, the peripheral elements of high-performance IT are available such as network cards, switches and cables.

The high speed and resolution of 10GigE cameras allow faster inspection and in-depth analysis for automated quality inspection systems.