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Vision guides laser cataract surgery

A high-performance machine vision camera has been used as part of an augmented reality system for a laser device for cataract surgery.

The Lensar laser system is one of the only femtosecond lasers built specifically for refractive cataract surgery. The Quartz Qs-4A60 camera from Adimec is part of Lensar’s augmented reality 3D imaging, measurement, and guidance system, which provides high-resolution ocular images in a single scan.

The camera rotates and captures anterior segment imaging and biometry at two different angles at up to eight different positions around the optical axis for a total of 16 potential images. Multiple scans identify the precise location of the relevant anatomical structures from the anterior cornea to the posterior capsule. Using optical ray-tracing and biometric data, the augmented reality system uses this information as well as other data to form a precise 3D model of each individual patient's eye prior to surgery. It means precise surgical incisions can be made.

In addition to the Qs-4A60, the Adimec A-1000 is also used in the Lensar laser system for alignment and overview purposes during surgery. The A-1000 provides 1 megapixel at 50fps using an interline transfer CCD image sensor.


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