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UK Search and Rescue programme to incorporate advanced thermal imaging

The UK’s Search and Rescue (SAR) helicopter programme, due to commence in 2015, will now incorporate high-definition multispectral imaging technology from Flir Systems. Bristow Helicopters will integrate Star Safire 380-HD cameras on its fleet of AW189 and S-92 helicopters.

Bristow Helicopters will provide 11 Sikorsky S-92 and 11 Agusta Westland AW189 helicopters, which will be located at ten strategically located helicopter bases across the UK.

The specific Star Safire 380-HD configuration selected for UK SAR includes the latest high definition variants of infrared (IR), day-camera, and short wave infrared (SWIR) sensors, coupled with GeoLock high accuracy scene coordinate location and augmented image enhancement.

The Star Safire 380-HD is an airborne imaging solution, offering extreme stand-off observation capability. The sensor system has multiple high definition sensors, including a full native high definition infrared camera to provide HD thermal imaging.

‘Flir is proud to be selected by Bristow Helicopters for the UK Search and Rescue programme,’ said Bill Sundermeier, president of Flir Government Systems. ‘We take our responsibility to offer lifesaving technology very seriously, and together with Bristow Helicopters, our products and people will be there when survivors and those in distress need the right technology and service to be brought to safety.’


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