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Optical measurement system provides quality control for industrial fixtures

All industrial sectors use fixtures to secure work pieces in the position required for further processing, which ensures a consistently high quality of components. Aicon's optical measuring system, DPAInspect, can be used to check the fixtures are the correct specifications and are not deformed.

The 3D industrial measuring system applies a digital camera for data collection, which makes the system light-weight and portable. Thus the user can easily measure fixtures at any location within a short period of time. Pin adapters allow the geometry elements for alignment to be measured with a high precision.

The user places self-adhesive stickers on the fixture to mark the contact surfaces. The alignment points are brought inline with Aicon's standard cube-shaped adapters. After this preparation the user merely has to photograph the fixture from different viewing angles with the DPAInspect camera.

The 3D measuring data collected with the DPAInspect camera are directly transferred to the available measurement software for analysis, such as comparison with CAD data.


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