Basler's Runner series goes into production

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Production of Basler's Runner Gigabit Ethernet line scan camera family will begin in mid-April 2008. The Basler Runner series includes seven models (six monochrome cameras and one tri-linear colour camera) with 1k and 2k CCD sensors and screwable RJ-45 connectors for tight connections.

The Runner features a well-established Gigabit Ethernet interface that is both GigE Vision and GenICam compliant, allowing simple integration. GigE Vision provides cost-effective cabling and components compared to Camera Link based products.

Used with Basler's comprehensive Pylon Driver package, the Basler Runner is a robust, easy-to-use, camera/driver combination that is fully compliant with the GigE Vision standard. 'We are leveraging GigE Vision technology into line scan applications. Our customers will now have a direct commercial and technical benefit from using this new technology', explains Henning Tiarks, product manager at Basler Components.

Basler Runner cameras have been tested and approved by all major image library suppliers.

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