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Naval Research Laboratory selects Headwall hyperspectral sensors

The Naval Research Laboratory has selected hyperspectral sensors from Headwall Photonics for airborne applications. The Headwall Hyperspec SWIR sensor recently passed a demanding set of hyperspectral performance tests instituted by the team at NRL to ensure the hyperspectral sensor would meet the programme's technical objectives. Specific tests were devised for spectral resolution, spatial resolution, and MTF performance.

David Bannon, CEO of Headwall Photonics, said: ‘Our hyperspectral sensor platform has played a key role at NRL for quite a few years now, ranging from the deployment of the NRL Ocean PHILLS sensor to the Navy's Project Warhorse to more recent deployments.’

Hyperspectral imaging represents a critical sensing technology that allows DoD organisations to identify an object within the field of view of the sensor based on the target's chemical fingerprint or spectral signature rather than relying solely on visual appearance. Based on a patented sensor design, Headwall's Hyperspec sensors are specifically designed for high spectral and spatial imaging in very harsh operating environments such as required for airborne missions.


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