High-res camera detects faults in PCBs

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A member of IDS’s high-resolution uEye series of cameras has recently been chosen to detect faults in printed circuit boards. German company Ersa has launched the Ersascope 2, which makes use of UI2240C, to inspect solder joints as thin as a human hair.

Since the EC ban on lead solders last July, quality assurance of PCBs has become much more difficult, partly due to the higher melting point of the lead-free alternatives. The new device will help to detect the defects this can cause, and is sufficiently accurate to deal with the smaller PCBs being produced all the time.

The UI-2240C, with a 1280 x 1024 resolution, was chosen to provide this precision. Other advantages include its small dimensions (34 x 32 x 34mm) and USB connectivity.

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