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Cyclops casts its eye over Spanish manufacturer

Applied Vision recently installed 12 Cyclops inspection systems at Mivisa's plant in La Rioja, Spain. Mivisa is a manufacturer of metal packaging for the food canning industry in Spain and the third largest manufacturer in its sector in Europe.

Mivisa was in the market for a new inspection system after determining that its factory's distinct set-up required a unique fleet of inspection machines to maximise efficiency.

Brian Baird, vice president of software development, Applied Vision, said that Mivisa is a progressive, forward-thinking company that was looking for the same qualities in a supplier.

'Mivisa likes our approach of creating a user-friendly, self-contained system that takes up significantly less space,' Baird said. 'Mivisa is constantly pushing the envelope to deploy best practices in productivity and efficiency which is why the company chose Applied Vision to continue that improvement.'

Because of factory space restrictions, the more compact Cyclops better suits Mivisa than its previous inspection system.

Mivisa's former inspection system ran conduits through the concrete floor, crossing building boundaries and creating a cluttered environment. Cyclops eliminated these issues and provided a safer work environment for employees.


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