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AIA Winter 2012 Vision Standards Meeting to focus on USB3 Vision

Point Grey will be hosting the AIA Winter 2012 Vision Standards Meeting in Vancouver, Canada from 13-17 February. This is the first meeting of its kind where leading industry players meet to progress technical milestones on interface standards. One of the key items on the agenda is the continued effort to form the USB3 Vision standard for a 2012 release.

Mike Gibbons, Point Grey product marketing manager, said: ‘We are delighted to host this first meeting, given our extensive history and experience with developing USB 3.0 camera technology. As a founding member of the USB3 Vision committee we're excited to see the overwhelming response to the standard. We look forward to welcoming both current and new members to this historic event.’

USB 3.0 offers 400MB/s throughput and provides cost-effective power and data over a single cable.


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